‘Hot Rocks’ Tribute Lineup Moves Like Jagger


  By Larry Jaffee The Rolling Stones’ Hot Rocks 1964-1971 was the first record – a double gatefold album – I ever bought, back in 1972 when I was 14, unleashing an obsession with recorded music that remains more than … Continue reading

PIGSHIT: High Tide and Fazed Cookies


The jury – to say nothing of the legal teams – appear to still be out on precisely how much of a bigger bang the Rolling Stones are planning next year to mark their fiftieth (!) year together as a band. Will they in fact, even for a concert or two, be able to regain the best bass player they ever had? Can even long-lost Mick Taylor again be convinced to try to fill Brian’s musical shoes for maybe a solo or two? Continue reading


Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band  +  Nicky Hopkins  x  “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”  ÷  Aleister Crowley   =                                IT’S HERE

My interview with Mick and Keith


Keith Richards: What happens there is that I give Buddy Guy my guitar. And you haven’t heard the overdub because I hand Buddy Guy my guitar and say, “It’s yours.” That’s the point there. (laughs) I had to do the voiceovers in Barcelona for Marty because we didn’t quite pick it up on the stage. I handed Buddy my Gibson guitar and said, “Hey Buddy, this is yours.” I’m happy to clear that one up. No way would I ever ask Buddy Guy to carry my guitar, man!

he thing is that when you’re actually up there doing the work, you really pass all of that onto the director so that in a way, you just do what you do and try and do it as well as you can and at the end you see whether you did it or not and then you stop to see – ahh! his vision of it. As it slowly unfolded with “Shine A Light” – Marty’s great use of old footage and live footage and that had a great feel about it. Slowly it sort of dawns on you as you’re watching it. Otherwise, you have no idea. You can’t climb inside of somebody else’s brain. At least, well, somebody climbed in mine once, but that was out of necessity.

NG: There is some discussion at the beginning of the finished film about all that back-and-forth about the set list. I guess that’s your auteurship of the film, how it was set up.
Jagger: Yes, and also the thing was, I had to balance off the fact that we had some prior commitments to shoot this DVD as well, so I had to try to make the set list different from the DVD set list. It doesn’t really come out in the film, but that was my big headache. I had to work out what shows we’re gonna play, this one and that one and the other one and so they wouldn’t be the same but neverthless be related and so on. It was quite a difficult set list to do.. And also work out who the guest artists were going to be.

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