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The 2017 Champions League of Darts


The famous dart league organized by the Professional Darts Corporation was the 2nd annual staging of the tournament that took place between 16-17 September 2017 at Motorpoint Arena Cardiff, Wales. The two days, Sunday and Saturday each had two sessions and with different groups playing.

The format

There are eight players across the group stage and the knockout group for a winner to be decided. Each player plays once in a round robin style. After those games the best two group move to the next level, semi-finals and winners finally proceed to finals.

Group matches- race to 10 legs of 19

Semifinal and finals- race to 11 legs of 21.

Groups and players

Group A players

  • Michael Van Gerwen
  • Phil Taylor
  • Adrian Lewis
  • Raymond Van Berneveld

Group B

  • Gary Anderson
  • Peter Wright
  • Dave Chisnall
  • Mensur Suljovic

The match

It was unbelievable as Anderson win his first-time victory of 11-4 against his competitor Mr Peter in the final the defending champion, Phil Taylor, after winning the first edition of the tournament over Mr Michael lost in the semi-finals to Gary Anderson

The final group game earlier in the day left Anderson at risk of being eliminated but narrowly survived the two missed match against his competitor Michael Van Gerwen. He recovered after he had fire a three ten darters at a dominant display in the final.

Anderson landed successfully seven darts in his effort for a nine-darter that would have gained the audience a share of £50,000 prize that was offered by the Paddy Power sponsors.

Anderson moved to the top breaking his competitor's, Wright throws thrice and he heads a 6-1 commanding lead.

Wright overtakes Van Gerwen 11-9 in the semi-final, fought a diehard battle remain at the match, unfortunately, a 4-7 less too close towards the championship of darts teammate's game to fame.

Anderson in a fast and unique way reeled off next four legs, finishing the match with 3-10 dart legs at a checkout rate of 65 per cent to get this title.

Despite Wright losing, as he had earlier not gone beyond the group level in the last two years that the event was held. he admitted " I think I had run out of steam." as he had played his best and that was only what he had at the final. matches, Wright seems to join Suljovic with a 10-3 win against Rob.

Daryl Gurney, a Northern Ireland, unbelievably missed out in the group A, at his 10-7 win against Drave Chisnall."

Qualifiers list

The top 7 players qualifiers.

  1. Michael Van Gerwen (group stage)
  2. Gary Anderson (runner-up)
  3. Peter Wright (group stage)
  4. Phil Taylor (semi-finals)
  5. Adrian Lewis (group stage)
  6. Dave Chisnall (group stage)
  7. Mensur Suljovic (winner)
  8. Raymond Van Berneveld (semi-finals)

The 2017 eight best dart players meet and threw arrows for two days to challenge each other who is the world's best. The pdc champions league of darts 2017 is a non-ranking, although that does not really matter when you are enjoying watching the cream of the best facing off against each other.

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