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Joey passed away too early and we didn’t get a chance to hear what his solo career could have become, he did put out a solo album but maybe more and greater things would have been in store had he stayed a little bit longer. A bad, bad disease struck him and left him lifeless over a very short period of time. I once saw him, from a distance, walking down NYC but never had a chance, nor I chased it to be completely honest, to meet him and to chat with him.

Back in the late 1980′s there was a show happening at an historical music-cabaret that passed away itself, it was called THE BOTTOM LINE (on Mercer and W.4th if memory serves me well). There, hosted by none other than the great Vin Scelsa, a show called “In Their Own Words” went on for a handful of years. Basically enough, Vin Scelsa would pull a chair on stage and a so-called “circle of songwriters”, would take turns to play acoustic versions of their classics while explaining the real genesis of each song. Except Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, several dozens of the greatest pop-rock songwriters of all time played there and THE BOTTOM LINE, for a brief moment a record-label by the same name as well, published two discs with the cream of the crop, or whatever cream would fill two discs I guess, as probably dozens of volumes wouldn’t be enough to publish all the great music that was played during those evenings.

Within those two discs there was one moment where Joey Ramone discussed how the classic Ramones number “I Wanna Be Sedated” came to be and the proceeded to play it by himself for the adoring audience of the evening. While I have no video for that particular rendition, and I haven’t been able to find one, a very good friend of mine, that knew and loved Joey and played that song hundreds of times all over the world will help me remembering Joey. That friend is Willie Nile and I found a video of his, on YouTube of course, playing “it” at Irving Plaza with Lucinda Williams. I am pretty positive Joey would have approved of this and I like to think he’ll like this very small and unknown post I am publishing about him. We miss you Joey and we miss your spirit and energy. Hey Ho! Let’s Go!

Willie Nile and Lucinda Williams rockin their ya-yas out on I Wanna Be Sedated

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Replacement(s) or not! Tue, 03 Mar 2009 14:13:52 +0000 Francesco Calazzo Continue reading ]]> I stepped in the room and the computer was on … nothing strange really, it was exactly as I left it before. But I found my iTunes stuck on a song by Grandpaboy, the moniker that Paul Westerberg decided to adopt for his rockin’ self.

It was a long time I hadn’t spun one of his records and I have to say that, as I am writing this, I am listening to some great R’n'R. It is the kind of music, I imagine, that could be made if Tom Petty, a vintage one no less, had Keith Richards on guitar.

The album is titled DEAD MAN SHAKE and it is Grandpaboy’s last and only “opus” on Fat Possum Records. It is a pretty bluesy business, if you are wondering by now. One thing that I forgot to tell you, but that I am assuming it is a given since we are on RocksBackPages, is that Paul Westerberg was the leader of a seminal punkish rock-band: THE REPLACEMENTS. I strongly suggest you go and dig some of their older stuff while giving some attention to Grandpaboy’s disc.

That’s is for now … and raise your hand if you understand


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